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Writing is an essential tool in teaching all disciplines.  It not only provides a means of assessing student knowledge and critical thinking skills, it also stimulates students, helping them to organize their thoughts and better learn the course material.  A well-known tenet of the Writing Across the Curriculum philosophy is that “Writing is Thinking”, and the SPS Writing Fellows are here to support the faculty in using writing as a means of learning.

The Fellows can work with faculty members on creating and implementing writing assignments.  We can also provide feedback on existing writing assignments.  Additionally, Fellows can assist individual students or visit your classes (either in-person or online).  We can introduce students to the services the Fellows offer or can lead topic-specific workshops, for example on how to approach a writing assignment, how to properly cite sources in a particular style such as APA, and more.

The Fellows also maintain this website.  Our “For Instructors” section is currently under construction, so check back soon for more resources! Is there anything in particular you would like further information on? Let us know via our contact form.

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