Welcome to the CUNY School of Professional Studies Writing Fellows program. This site contains information about the Fellows and associated programs, plus a carefully curated set of resources, tutorials and writing FAQs for students and faculty.

Who We Are

The Writing Fellows are CUNY Graduate Center doctoral students trained in Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) pedagogy. WAC is a CUNY-mandated program (1999) requiring that informal (ungraded) and formal writing become a robust and integrated aspect of course-work at all levels of instruction. Our program is based on the idea that writing to learn is just as important as learning to write. In other words, that through the process of writing one learns how to conceptualize and articulate knowledge in ways that are crucial to all disciplines. Writing skills are a crucial factor in student success and the Fellows are here to support students as they strive to improve their writing.

You can find out more about this year’s Fellows here.

What We Do

At CUNY School of Professional Studies, Writing Fellows:

  • work with students, offering writing workshops, handout materials, and individual tutoring.
  • assist faculty, providing resources on writing issues, strategies to avoid plagiarism, assignment design and scaffolding, diagnostic and assessment rubrics, and writing-to-learn activities.  We also offer class visits.
  • consult with the office of faculty development, providing information on writing pedagogy.

We are available to communicate and work flexibly with you  via email, by appointment via audio/video/whiteboard chat, by telephone, and in person on days the Fellows are in the office–see their posted in-office hours Note: tutoring is now available during summer and winter sessions, on a restricted schedule, with online (audio/visual/whiteboard chat and written feedback options only in Winter 2019).

Please view the instructions for making an appointment or submitting work for written feedback here.
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