Webinars on Finding, Using and Citing Sources

The SPS Writing Fellows hold live webinars on how to find, paraphrase/quote and cite sources using APA and Chicago citation styles. Be sure you know which style is in use for your courses.

(For most SPS students, it is APA style. For Museum Studies, it is Chicago Style.)


APA Style

We have an upcoming webinar on Finding, Using, and Citing Sources in APA Style on Wednesday, October 11, 2023 at 6 pm (Register here).

Click below to watch a recording of a recent webinar (with captioning):

You can watch this version straight through: How to find, use, and cite sources in APA style (Sept. 2022)

Or you can view this playlist of the October 2022 webinar broken into segments.

Here is a stream (CART) transcript of the October 2022 webinar in Word and PDF.

Here is a PDF of the webinar slides with notes. (Note the slides are from the 3/2023 event but the content is the same as for Sept. and Oct. 2022 recordings above.)

Here is the webinar handout, with additional resources:


Chicago Style

Here’s a video of a recent webinar for the Museum Studies program: How to find, use, and cite sources in Chicago Style (April 2022):

Watch this space and for emails from Student Services and Events about other upcoming webinars.

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