Webinars on Finding, Using and Citing Sources

The SPS Writing Fellows hold live webinars on how to find, paraphrase/quote and cite sources using APA and Chicago citation styles.

APA Style

Click below to watch a recording of a recent webinar (with captioning):

How to find, use, and cite sources in APA style (April 2022)

Here is a PDF of the PowerPoint slides we use for this webinar: Citing-Sources-APA-Webinar-Final-2021-Revised; if you download the PDF, there are small bubble symbols on the slides, and if you click these, you will get a transcript of the script for that slide.

Here is the webinar handout, with additional resources:

Chicago Style

Here’s a video of a recent webinar for the Museum Studies program: How to find, use, and cite sources in Chicago Style (April 2022).

Watch this space and for emails from Student Services and Events about other upcoming webinars.

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