Bring and Cite Workshops

The CUNY SPS Writing Fellows now offer virtual “Bring and Cite” workshops in both APA style (used by most programs at SPS) and Chicago style (used by Museum Studies).  These will be small group workshops and will be offered by video conference.

Before you attend, we ask that you view the appropriate webinar for your citation style if you have not done so in the past:

APA Style:

“Finding, Using, and Citing Sources in APA Style”

Entire video (Sept.2022):


“Finding, Using, and Citing Sources in APA Style” — same webinar divided into a playlist of segments (Oct. 2022):

Note: if you would like to see a PDF of the presentation slides with notes, or a stream (CART) transcript of the webinar, you can download these here.


Or Chicago Style:

“Finding, Using, and Citing Sources in Chicago Style” (April 2022):

You can then register for a small-group “Bring and Cite” workshop in APA or Chicago style.

Follow the instructions here to register for the Writing Fellows’ online scheduler:

  1. Go to our scheduler. If you have already registered, go to Step #3.
  2. If it is your first time using the system, register. So we can verify you are a current student at CUNY SPS, please use your SPS email if you have one; use your CUNY email if you are an ePermit student.
  3. Log into the scheduler. Be sure the button is selected for the Bring and Cite Workshops schedule, and then log in.
  4. Select a workshop time and register.

If you need other kinds of help and want a one on one appointment with the Writing Fellows, view these instructions and make an appointment via the Writing Fellows schedule instead.

If you have trouble, you can email the Writing Fellows for help.

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