About the Library

The home library for SPS is the Baruch Newman Library.  All SPS students and faculty members have access to books from the entire CUNY system. CUNY also provides a service named CLICS, through which you can have the books you need delivered to any other CUNY library. For instance, if you attend SPS online but live close to Queens College, you can ask the CLICS system to send the books you need to Queens, where you can pick them up using your valid CUNY ID card. This usually takes about a week from when you put in the request.

Search for materials within CUNY

You can search the CUNY catalog–which includes books, DVDs, music recordings, and other media–using the OneSearch tool here for items at Baruch, or here for items available CUNY-wide.

Once you find the material you need, you can go to the library physically and get it from the stacks (or ask at the Circulation Desk, if it is “On Reserve”).  Or, while you are in the online catalog, you can request for the book to be delivered to another library via CLICS).

Remember, you must have a valid library account/barcode in order to do this! You also need a library login, which will have been sent to you via email from SPS.  If you do not have these credentials, please contact the SPS Help Desk.

Search for materials outside of CUNY

Sometimes the book or article that you want might not be available at CUNY, but if it is at another college’s library, CUNY might be able to order it for you. This process is called ILL (Inter-Library Loan) and it can take up to 2-3 weeks for the requested book to arrive. You can look for available books here.

Remember to check that the book you want isn’t available within CUNY! You don’t want to ILL something that you could get more easily from within our system.

Get help from a librarian 24/7

If you need help in your research, use the Ask a Librarian tool on the Newman Library website.

Additional Resources

General information about the Baruch Library for SPS Students: Click here.

General information about the Baruch Library for SPS Faculty: Click here.

Please call Librarian Joseph Hartnett (646) 312-1627 if you have other questions about the Baruch Newman Library.



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