Working with the Writing Fellows

Getting writing help at SPS is easy!  The basic process is outlined here, with more detailed information about working with the Fellows included below.

If you have a writing question:

  • Check the Common Writing Questions and Writing Guides to see if we’ve already posted an answer online.
  • Contact us using our online form or via email at WritingFellows@sps.cuny.edu. We’ll respond with an answer and links to any relevant resources that might be helpful.  For more in-depth questions, we can also set up a time to speak via Skype, on the phone, or in person.

If you have an assignment on which you would like assistance:

  • Send your assignment to WritingFellows@sps.cuny.edu.  Specifically, we need your class information (course title and instructor’s name), assignment instructions/rubric, due date, and any work you’ve done so far.
  • We will get back to you with feedback, typically within 1-2 business days.
  • Revise the assignment based on our suggestions and continue working until you are ready to receive more feedback or the assignment is ready to be turned in. To get additional feedback, just send us the new version of your assignment!

Getting Started

The Fellows work with students via email, Skype, phone, and/or in person by appointment or at one of our Pop-up Writing Centers.  The Fellows are available Monday-Friday, and you can typically expect to get feedback within 24-48 hours during the week. If you send something to the Fellows during the weekend, it will usually be reviewed early the next week.

Tutoring is available over the weekend through the etutoring.org site–see http://sps.cuny.edu/student_resources/tutoring_services.html for directions on how SPS students may access these services.

When you have an assignment on which you would like to work with the Fellows, you should send the following to WritingFellows@sps.cuny.edu:

  • The name of the course and the instructor for which you have an assignment
  • The assignment instructions and rubric (if applicable) given to you by your instructor
  • The assignment due date
  • Any work you have done so far on the assignment (this could be anything from initial ideas to a thesis statement, outline, partial draft, or complete draft)
  • Any questions or concerns you might have about the assignment
  • Any other information or materials you think would be necessary for the Fellows to understand and review your work

If you prefer to meet in person, chat on the phone, or work via Skype, please let us know that as well, and be sure to provide your availability. The Fellows have limited office hours, but we will work with you to accommodate your needs as much as possible.

What Happens Next?

Upon receiving your materials, we will read through your work and make suggestions, usually in the form of prose in the email body plus comments and inline edits in your document file. The Fellows will not fix all of your grammar errors or revise the paper for you; we are here to help you improve your writing by making suggestions about large-scale issues (like organization) and small-scale issues (like specific grammar fixes). You will need to take the Fellows’ advice and make any necessary changes. Some of these may be relatively straightforward to address, while others may take more time and thought. Instructions for revising your work based on the Fellows’ suggestions can be found here.

Be sure to send your materials early enough that you will have time to update your assignment after receiving our suggestions. Once you make your revisions, you can choose to get further feedback from the Fellows. In fact, students often work through multiple drafts of an assignment with us. To allow time for more than one round of responding and revising, be sure send us your work as far in advance of the due date as possible. Writing is a process, and it takes time!

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