On this site, you will find materials to help support the Writing Across the Curriculum initiative of the CUNY Online Baccalaureate program. For those instructors new to WAC (Writing Across the Curriculum), this is a CUNY-mandated program (1999) requiring that informal (ungraded) and formal writing become a robust and integrated aspect of course-work at all levels of instruction. Each campus’s WAC coordinator is assisted by 2-6 Writing Fellows, who create writing materials and work with faculty members to achieve these goals

As your Writing Fellows, we are here to assist you in developing a wide variety of classroom practices and materials that help teach your course content through enhanced informal and formal academic writing in your discipline.

Here is an example of the sort of work that the Writing Fellows can provide:

  • Resources to diagnose and evaluate student writing
  • Strategies to avoid plagiarism
  • Ways to improve informal Discussion Board posts
  • Ways to clarify your existing assignments
  • Ways to “scaffold” large assignments into smaller assignments
  • Mini-lessons, small assignments, and interactive tutorials top handle such issues as summarizing, quoting and citing, developing thesis statements and topic sentences, and structuring formal writing
  • For larger writing issues, substantial lesson plans and worksheets that can be adapted to different disciplines

We are available to communicate and work flexibly, through computer-enabled virtual “meetings,” e-mail, and/or telephone.


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